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Adam - "It is the best thing I ever did"

I approached Kirsty two years ago as I needed to address my fitness and I was very pleased she gave me the opportunity to train me as I am now aware there is a demand for Kirsty’s personal training. I highly recommend Kirsty and I find her extremely reliable and flexible, she works around my hectic lifestyle and in the past she has met me on different work sites.

Within 18 months I have lost 3 stone and my fitness has improved dramatically. She also helped me working on healthy eating plans, my health is far better and I feel far more confident in myself.

I really enjoy my training sessions with Kirsty and I find her professional and friendly and would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who is genuinely seeking support from a professional fitness trainer to improve their health and fitness. It is the best thing I ever did.

"Kirsty helped me to regain my fitness and to lose about 2 stones in a very short period of time.
She is a 100% reliable and a dedicated personal trainer who is genuinely interested in your health and fitness.

We cycled, ran, did various exercises, she was inspirational to me and really motivated me in a big way. There is no way that I could have achieved my fitness levels - without her.
Great fun to be with, made me feel very comfortable, we were cycling and running everywhere - best money I ever spent."

"Following the birth of my son by caesarean section I contacted Kirsty to help me regain my strength and ensure I made a quick recovery.
I am self employed and work primarily in London so what with a new born baby and work to juggle time was of the essence.

I find Kirsty to be not only incredibly personable but extremely professional, Kirsty's knowledge and approach makes fitness extremely effective and fun. She is approachable and adaptable and tailors your programme precisely to your needs. Even when feeling at your lowest both in regard to energy and self esteem Kirsty is able to motivate and enthuse to ensure excellent results.
If I could I would have Kirsty every day and highly recommend her. Everyone needs a Kirsty."

Peter - "best money I ever spent"
Katie - "everyone needs a Kirsty"
Rachael - "I have learnt so much through Kirsty"

Kirsty has been training me for the last four years. Before this my only aim was to exercise to maintain my weight about which I was paranoid. Kirsty started by analysing my level of fitness, my weekly routine, my diet and my future aims. Within a few days she came back to me with a full report on how she viewed my positives and negatives and the specifics which we could work on together. At all times she was very supportive and slowly built up my confidence and motivation when it could have been easy to push me the other way when talking about the areas I needed to improve.

Kirsty comes to my house twice a week for an hour each session. She has tailored each session to my specific needs. She felt I had sufficient motivation to do enough cardio work in my spare time and so concentrate our sessions on abdominal, weights, and various floor exercises. There are things I never did before and the benefits in my body shape have been fantastic. After two children it’s nearly impossible to have a flat stomach again but Kirsty has managed it with me, and my arms have definition without being too muscular.

It’s not always easy to fit in exercise and have the motivation to do it on your own but knowing that Kirsty will be coming each week makes me keep the time for the sessions and keeps me on the right track permanently. Kirsty is always very friendly and professional. She never criticises my work but only gives encouragement and suggestions as to how I can continue to improve. Her sessions are never easy but this is because she is extremely dedicated to her work and to her clients’ continued improvement. I have learnt so much through Kirsty and now do much more in outside classes and on my own with the confidence that I am working out in both the correct way and at a level relevant to my overall fitness level, which I am told by many is better than most women twenty years younger than me

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